Vital statistics
Birth Late-Third Age
Death TA 3001
Age Unknown
Fate Killed in the flooding during the Battle of Isengard
Parentage Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Physical attributes
Hair color None
Eye color Red
Gender Male
Weapon Orcish Sword
Race Orc
Actor Lee Hartley
"What orders from Mordor, my lord? What does the Eye command?"
Gazmog to Saruman

Gazmog was an Orcish messenger who traveled to Isengard and pledged his service to Saruman during the War of the Ring.


"The trees are strong, my lord. Their roots go deep."
Gazmog informing Saruman about the trees

Born in the dark land of Mordor, Gazmog was sent by the Dark Lord Sauron to travel to Isengard and assist Saruman, who betrayed the White Council and had his old friend Gandalf locked up in Orthanc for declincing his offer to join the enemy. While entering the tower with Zabúrz, Lughúr, and Frûshkul, Gazmog, awaited orders from Saruman and led a number of troops to rip off the trees all around Isengard. The procedure was proven to be difficult, in which Gazmog informed to Saruman that the trees were very strong since their roots dig deeper in the soil. Saruman ignored this and ordered him to continue ripping down the trees in order to build armor, swords, and shields for the Uruk-hai.

Throughout the War of the Ring, Gazmog and a group of orcs built a Lumberjack Camp near the edge of Fangorn Forest. They were given orders by Flizpot to cut down as many trees from the forest in order to have enough armor and hanksars to be constructed. Gazmog complied to the order and ordered his fellow orc lumberjacks to cut down the trees. Near the end of the battle of Helm's Deep, Gazmog returned to Isengard and worked at the pits where he commanded all the Orc miners to continue working in the mines until an army of Ents and Huorns, led by Treebeard, Merry, and Pippin, arrive to turn the tide and destroy everything. Gazmog panicked and remained in the mines with all the other Orc miners that were afraid to fight against the Ents and Huorns. When Treebeard ordered one of the Ents to break the dam, the whole river Isen cam down from the cliffs, and Gazmog and the miners were all killed in the flooding.

Behind the scenesEdit