Vital statistics
Birth SA 1954
Death TA 3001
Age 4488
Fate Killed in the Battle of Morannon
Parentage Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Physical attributes
Hair color Grey
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Weapon Sword
Race Human
Actor Unknown (Ringwraith)
John Howe (Prologue)

Hôarmûrath was the Sixth of the Nazgûl who served the Dark Lord Sauron.


Second AgeEdit

Born in SA 1954, Lord Hôarmûrath was born in one of the northernmost settled domains in all of Middle-earth. In the year SA 2000, he was approached by Khamûl where the Easterling lord offered him he gift of a Ring of Power and the prospect of eternal life. Enamoured by Sauron’s offering, Hôarmûrath accepted the Ring and fell under the sway of the Shadow.

Throughout the Second Age, Hôarmûrath styled himself as Lord of the North and erected a strong royal government over the course of the next two centuries. Once his kingdom and successor seemed sure, the Sauron called him to Mordor. The need to confront the growing might of Númenor outweighed any considerations the Dark Lord reserved for the North. For many centuries, Hôarmûrath resided in Mordor beside his dark master. He would often visit his home to reorder the kingdom he had left behind, but the majority of his tasks centered on Mordor in the east. After the Downfall of Númenor and the Dark Lord’s return in SA 3319, Hôarmûrath returned to Mordor and participated in the campaigns waged by Sauron’s troops in Rhovanion. Later, he commanded the northern flank of the horde that invaded Ithilien in SA 3429, but Barad-dûr’s fall twelve years later ended his early life. Hôarmûrath passed into the Shadows when the Lords of the Last Alliance overthrew Sauron at the end of the Second Age.

Third AgeEdit

Dol GuldurEdit

During the Third Age, Hôarmûrath was summoned by Sauron alongside the other Wraiths that served their dark master in the old fortress of Dol Guldur. However, in TA 2941, Sauron left his threatened fortress at Dol Guldur and returned to Mordor. Ten years later, his minions began rebuilding the Barad-dûr, and three of his Ringwraiths flew back to Dol Guldur to reopen the citadel while Hôarmûrath stayed in Minas Morgul.

War of the RingEdit

In mid TA 3001, Hôarmûrath led his forces in attacking Gondor’s defenses along the Anduin at Osgiliath. Although the forces of the South Kingdom lost the ford that joined the districts of their abandoned capital, they fended off their assailants attempts to extend the war into Anorien. The battlelines stabilized and the Nazgûl turned to their search for the One Ring.

Behind the scenesEdit