The Siege of Gondor was a series of battles waged by Sauron aimed at the capture of Minas Tirith, as part of the War of the Ring.



For many years (since TA 2901) the land of Ithilien had been held by Sauron's forces, but he had not breached the Anduin to attack deeper into Gondor, biding his time as he marshaled his strength. In TA 3001, Gollum was captured after he had ventured into Mordor and the Dark Lord learned that the One Ring was in the Shire, a location unknown to Sauron. Gollum was released from Mordor, but was soon taken by Aragorn in the Dead Marshes. His capture alarmed Sauron, causing him to send the Nazgûl out to hunt for the Ring.

Second Battle of OsgiliathEdit

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Battle of PelargirEdit

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Siege of Minas TirithEdit

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Battle of Pelennor FieldsEdit

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